Night Skies


Below are some attempts at astrophotography. There are many difficulties doing these types of pictures. Obviously a clear sky and lack of light pollution are the most difficult to eliminate.


A good tripod, a wide fast lens, and that is about it. My goal was to keep the exposure time below 20 seconds because much longer than that and you start getting star trails.

I am not very good at editing. I think the difference you see with these pictures and some more “professional” looking picture is skill with photoshop. I applied some sharpening, chose a color balance and messed with the saturation levels.


My goal with all of them was this

20mm lens Sigma
20 second exposure
Keep the ISO below 3200.

It was that last point where we tried to experiment.

Milky Way Over Netarts Bay


Ursa Major



At Zenith

Deneb and Cassiopeia

Central Washington

Sirius and Orion

Over Wenatchee