Laboratory Project

Mobile Phone Process

This was a project I did one Saturday after work. The light coming in through the windows was superb for collecting pictures. All of these were taken with a cell phone camera and edited on the cell phone.
I have been trying to start some projects where there would be a theme, either in subject matter or in editing styles. This is my first attempt. I was trying to capture the small details in the lab, because really that is what the laboratory is all about. In doing so I also tried to eliminate distractions. Again this is something we try to do in the lab as they are plentiful and do not promote quality work.
The whole idea about working completely on my phone was a little odd. There are a couple of weird artifacts that came a long for the ride. They were actually fairly large too, which presented a little challenge. I ended up having to send them through the same process that I use for images taken with my full frame camera in order to resize them. But other than the resizing they are unaltered then what was edited on the phone.