High Contrast

Bright Whites, Dark Blacks

This is an attempt to learn some editing techniques. I was going for a minimal look with high contrast. It was inspired initially by some work I saw of a photographer who was doing a project involving blurry photographs. I noticed that while blurry they often were very minimal. This allowed you to focus on the out of focus image…if that makes any sense. While I do have a lot of blurry photographs not many had any emotion behind them and fewer had any stories to tell. But I really liked the look and I set out to try to emulate the idea with some photos from the past. With these photos I first looked for a dominate color whether it was black or white then I pushed that to a limit to try and isolate the images. The result was really nothing like what I was trying to emulate but I found them to be interesting nonetheless. There was also a few that actually broke the rule and really just focus on contrast.
Whether or not I achieved these goals I guess is up to the viewer, but I felt sharing this experiment.